NLC services more than 140 Liquor Express Locations throughout the province. These agency stores are established in areas of the province that do not have the population to support a Corporate Liquor Stores and are an arrangement whereby an individual or corporation competes for the right to sell beverage alcohol in a retail environment. Liquor Express locations have limited selection and service relative to Corporate Liquor Stores.

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Town Business Name Telephone Accepts Gift Cards
Appleton Appleton Clover Farm 709-679-2312  
Arnold's Cove Foodland 709-463-2433  
Avondale Flynn's Clover Farm 709-229-3881 Gift Card
Badger Needs Convenience 709-539-2561  
Baie Verte Central Convenience LTD 709-532-4258 Gift Card
Bay Bulls Bay Bulls Foodland 709-334-2846  
Bell Island Ridgeway Variety 709-448-3203  
Bellevue Ralph's Convenience Store Ltd 709-442-4202  
Birchy Bay HiWay Convenience and Gas Bar 709-659-6111  
Bishop's Falls Krista's Clover Farm Ltd 709-258-2150  
Bonavista Sobeys Foodland 709-468-2770  
Botwood Sobeys Foodland 709-257-4206  
Branch Careen's Gas Bar & Convenience 709-338-2090  
Brigus Jim's Quick Stop 709-528-3000  
Broad Cove Burdens Superette 709-598-2300  
Buchans Colemans Food Centre 709-672-3917  
Burgeo Burgeo Timber Mart 709-886-2750 Gift Card
Burin Burin Enterprises Limited (Central Video) 709-891-2548  
Burnt Islands Harvey's Grocery & Confectionary 709-698-3290  
Campbellton Home Agane Convenience 709-261-2121  
Cape Broyle Cape Broyle Ultramar & Grocery 709-432-2387  
Cape St. George Ozzie's General Store 709-644-2020 Gift Card
Carmanville G & M Services 709-534-2555  
Cartwright The North West Company 709-938-7232 Gift Card
Catalina GJM Enterprises Limited 709-469-2541  
Centreville Midway Convenience Store 709-678-2825  
Churchill Falls Strickland's Auto Gas Ltd. 709-925-3233 Gift Card
Conne River Conne River Gas Bar 709-882-2731 Gift Card
Cormack Funland Resort 709-635-7227  
Cow Head Cow Head Clover Farm 709-243-2422 Gift Card
Daniel's Harbour Hull's Groceteria 709-898-2353  
Deer Lake Colemans Food Centre 709-635-2414 Gift Card
Deer Lake - TCH Irving Big Stop 709-635-1092  
Doyles Mountainside General Store 709-955-2460 Gift Card
Eastport Eastport Pharmachoice 709-677-2255 Gift Card
English Harbour West J Petite and Sons LTD 709-888-3461 Gift Card
Ferryland Sobeys Foodland 709-432-2907  
Flatrock Bayview Grocery Ltd 709-437-5164  
Flower's Cove Consumers Pharmachoice 709-456-2200 Gift Card
Fogo Miller's Supermarket 709-266-2407 Gift Card
Fortune Collins' Freshmart 709-832-1127 Gift Card
Francois Sharon's Place 709-842-3311  
Gambo South End Gas and Convenience Limited 709-674-4849  
Gander Bay South Saunders General Store 709-676-2160  
Glenwood Johnnys Convenience & Gas Bar Ltd 709-679-5553  
Glovertown Glovertown Esso 709-533-2648 Gift Card
Goobies Power's Gateway Services Ltd 709-542-3163  
Goulds Bidgood's Wholesale Limited 709-364-3853 Gift Card
Grand Bank Foodland 709-832-0091  
Green's Harbour Needs Convenience 709-582-2335  
Grey River Riverside General Store 709-296-3111  
Halfway Point Katie's Konvenience 709-789-2237 Gift Card
Hampden Hampden Clover Farm 709-455-4366  
Harbour Breton Jackman's One Stop 709-885-2110 Gift Card
Harbour Grace Needs Convenience 709-596-4780  
Harcourt Smith Sound Convenience 709-663-3100 Gift Card
Hare Bay Parsons Gas Bar 709-537-2324  
Head Bay D'Espoir Midway Clover Farm 709-882-2113 Gift Card
Heart's Delight Crocker's Esso 709-588-2600  
Hermitage Douglas Rose Freshmart 709-883-2468  
Holyrood North Atlantic 709-229-2376  
Howley Howley Shopping Centre Ltd 709-635-2973  
Jackson's Arm Convenience Plus 709-459-3211  
King's Cove Harty's Service Station and Convenience 709-447-2121  
King's Point Newtown RiteStop 709-268-3343  
La Scie K & R Express Ltd 709-675-2045  
Lamaline Stacey's Clover Farm 709-857-2901  
L'Anse Au Clair L'Anse au Clair Convenience Plus 709-931-2035  
L'Anse Au Loup Normore Enterprises LTD 709-927-5648  
Lark Harbour Sheppard's Clover Farm 709-681-2160 Gift Card
Lawn SeaCoast Ventures LTD 709-873-2498  
Lethbridge Pye's Service Station 709-467-5738  
Lewisporte Lewisporte Esso 709-535-2342 Gift Card
Logy Bay Needs Convenience 709-753-4891  
Long Cove Temples Food Mart 709-592-2003 Gift Card
Lumsden Rich's Enterprises 709-530-2810  
Main Brook Hare Bay Store LTD 709-865-6201  
Mary's Harbour Simms Cash & Carry 709-921-6959  
McCallum Howard Fudge's Store 709-846-3356  
McIver's Michelle's Convenience 709-688-2168 Gift Card
Middle Arm Robinson's General Store 709-252-2759  
Millertown C & S Varierty 709-852-6486 Gift Card
Mobile / Tors Cove Rental Hutch 709-334-2952 Gift Card
Musgrave Harbour D&M Services LTD 709-655-2100  
Musgravetown Musgravetown Pharmachoice 709-467-2455 Gift Card
Norris Arm Central Food Mart 709-653-2456 Gift Card
Northern Bay Hogan's Grocery & Takeout 709-584-3380 Gift Card
Old Perlican Tizzards Quick Stop Ltd. 709-587-2941 Gift Card
Paradise (Hamilton's) Hamiltons Grocery 709-773-1460 Gift Card
Parker's Cove H Murphy's Store 709-443-2322 Gift Card
Pasadena Pasadena Convenience Plus 709-686-3422 Gift Card
Petley Smith's Store 709-547-2569 Gift Card
Piccadilly Parkview Variety LTD 709-642-5356 Gift Card
Plum Point Plum Point Irving 709-247-2316 Gift Card
Point LeamingtonĀ  MnM Onestop 709-484-3584  
Pollard's Point White Bay Clover Farm 709-482-2777  
Port Blandford Rudy's Gas Bar 709-543-2503 Gift Card
Port Hope Simpson P & B Enterprise Limited 709-960-0222  
Port Rexton Vintage Holdings Inc 709-464-2165  
Port Saunders Houses Services Ltd 709-861-3480 Gift Card
Portugal Cove Elaine's Convenience Inc 709-895-6591  
Pouch Cove Marine Park Liquor Express 709-335-7275  
Pouch Cove Pouch Cove Pharmacy 709-335-2992 Gift Card
Ramea Ramea Cosmetics 709-625-2155  
Rencontre East Judy's General Store 709-848-3476  
Robert's Arm Norman's Pharmacy Ltd 709-652-3434  
Rocky Harbour Fisherman's Landing 709-458-2060 Gift Card
Roddickton Roddickton Foodland 709-457-2313  
Salmonier R & B Convenience Ltd 709-521-2340  
Seal Cove Seal Cove Grocery LTD 709-744-3952 Gift Card
Seldom Dawe's Store LTD 709-627-3269 Gift Card
Shea Heights Valley Convenience 709-739-6500 Gift Card
Shoal Bay Cull's Grocery Limited 709-658-3303  
South Brook South Brook Convenience 709-657-2243  
South Dildo Needs Convenience 709-582-3436  
Southwest Arm Crossroads Crafts 709-546-2288 Gift Card
Springdale Rideout's Western Petroleum 709-673-3303 Gift Card
St. Alban's St. Alban's Clover Farm 709-538-3920 Gift Card
St. Anthony Sobeys Foodland 709-454-8475  
St. Bernard's Peninsula Pharmacy 709-461-2121 Gift Card
St. Fintan's Station Grocery 709-645-2595  
St. George's Chubb's Service Station & Electrical Ltd 709-647-3962 Gift Card
St. Lawrence St. Lawrence Pharmacy 709-873-2070  
St. Lunaire/Griquet Hedderson's Store 709-623-2548 Gift Card
St. Mary's Ryan's Value Foods 709-525-2115  
St. Paul's St. Paul's Grocery 709-243-2355  
St. Philip's PJ's Groceteria LTD 709-895-2381 Gift Card
Steady Brook George's Mountain Village 709-639-8168 Gift Card
Stephenville Crossing Colemans Food Centre 709-646-5531 Gift Card
Summerford Gary's Convenience Ltd 709-629-7146  
Summerside Brent's Convenience 709-783-2529  
Terrenceville AJ Mini Mart 709-662-2322  
Torbay Sobeys Foodland 709-437-1389  
Trepassey WEH Enterprises 709-438-2160 Gift Card
Triton Bayside Convenience 709-263-2583  
Trout River Hann's Confectionary Ltd 709-451-3535  
Twillingate Tickle Point Mercantile 709-884-2685  
Wabush Wabush Convenience Store Limited 709-282-3366  
Wesleyville Carter Agencies 709-536-3301  
Whitbourne Monty's Place - TCH 709-759-2560  
Whitbourne Sobeys Foodland 709-759-2162  
Wiltondale Endicott Enterprises Ltd 709-453-7266  
Winterton Ray Hindy Ltd 709-583-2280  
Woody Point Pete's One Stop Shop 709-453-2352