We have the Products and the Knowledge! 
Meet NLC’s Product Knowledge Team. Headed by Senior Product Knowledge Consultant, Andrew Facey, the team is comprised of highly trained staff members who are here to assist in your shopping experience and provide you with in-depth information on products and the world of beverage alcohol.

From tips on what to serve or how to store that bottle of wine, they're also available to help you:

• Arrange a comprehensive wine tasting at our store operated Taste Stations
• Find the right product for the occasion
• Learn more about the products we sell

Meet the Team!
Andrew Facey is NLC’s Sommelier and Senior Product Knowledge Consultant. He joined the team in 2008 with the dual role of being the lead educator for all NLC employees as well as the liaison between the Corporation and the restaurant community.

Within this role, Andrew regularly meets with staff and management teams of all 24 Corporate Liquor Stores and conducts product education seminars that teach liquor store staff about the variety of products sold at NLC Liquor Stores. In addition to educating NLC staff, Andrew also teaches the International Sommelier Guild’s (ISG) eight week Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1 and Level 2.

Andrew is a graduate of the International Sommelier Guild‘s (ISG) Sommelier Diploma Program, an intensive course that teaches students how to evaluate, critique, decant, serve and store wine.


Photo (left to right): Roger Lockyer, William BarnesMichelle Meehan, Brent Winsor, Andrew Facey, John Ryan. Missing from photo: Jennifer Snooks and Amy Schofield.

Quick Facts

  • Over 250 Liquor Sales Clerks throughout our 24 Corporate Stores have completed the LCBO Product Knowledge Training
  • 19 staff have completed Level Two of the ISG Program
  • 74 staff have completed Level One of the ISG Program