Liquor Express Opportunities

Liquor Express

The Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation is a provincial Crown Corporation responsible for managing the sale and distribution of beverage alcohol within the province. The Corporation’s distribution network includes a central warehouse, twenty-eight branch stores and over one hundred forty-four express locations.

Location Opportunities

The Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation invites applications for a Liquor Express in the following locations:

Location Deadline Application
Liquor Express categories are minimum requirements for specific locations. Please review the table below for an overview.
Avondale February 14th, 2020  Category B
Area of Portugal Cove along Route 40 February 18th, 2020  Category A
Baie Verte February 14th, 2020  Category A
Bellevue February 14th, 2020  Category C
Cormack February 14th, 2020  Category D
Flatrock February 14th, 2020  Category B
Halfway Point / Benoit's Cove February 14th, 2020  Category B
Hermitage February 14th, 2020  Category D
Norris Arm February 14th, 2020  Category D
Pasadena February 14th, 2020  Category A
Plum Point February 14th, 2020  Category B
Robert's Arm February 14th, 2020  Category C
Rocky Harbour February 14th, 2020  Category A
Shea Heights February 14th, 2020  Category C
South Brook February 14th, 2020  Category D
St. Alban's February 14th, 2020  Category B
St. Bernard's February 14th, 2020  Category D
St. Catherine's February 14th, 2020  Category B
Torbay February 14th, 2020  Category A
Trepassey February 14th, 2020  Category C
Monroe/Harcourt/Georges Brook February 14th, 2020  Category D


Applications for a Liquor Express may be submitted to Donna Hudson at our Head Office:

90 Kenmount Road, St. John's
Phone: 724-1137

LE Category Types

Form Category Annual Sales Range Approx. Investment
Category A $750,000 + $125,000
Category B $500,000 - $749,999 $100,000
Category C $250,000 - $499,999 $75,000
Category D < $249,999 $50,000

 In awarding Liquor Expresses (LE) to proponents the NLC:

  • Will generally not permit a LE to be established in motels, hotels, restaurants, licensed establishments; and
  • Will generally award LEs to person(s) with an already existing retail type business(es).

     It is important that the application is completed in full and returned to the attention of Donna Hudson by the deadline indicated (end of business day)

    • A "Personal History Report - Section B" must be completed for each applicant listed
    • A "Police Clearance Authorization" form must be completed for each applicant listed
    • Please ensure fax numbers are provided in the application as requested in the various sections
    • It is the responsibility of the applicant(s) to have the business references complete the form included in Appendix A and submit with the application. If there is no credit history to reference, please indicate that information in the application
    • In regards to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) comfort letter requested, only the reply back from the CRA needs to be forwarded to the NLC. NLC does not need a copy of the request form initially sent to the CRA but it would be appreciated if you could indicate in the application the date this form was sent. We understand this can take time and this form can only be sent in once it is received back.

       Applications sent after the closing date will not qualify.

       Please note missing and insufficient information can cause delays with processing your submission and can affect the overall eligibility.

       Applications can be submitted in a number of ways and should be marked to the attention of Donna Hudson. Applications can be scanned, faxed or mailed back. If an application is mailed, it should be dated by or before the deadline date. Applications can also be dropped off to Reception on the second floor of the main office at 90 Kenmount Road in St. John’s, NL...

      Liquor Express