Working at NLC

NLC strives to create a workplace and corporate culture that drives both individual and organizational success. We endeavor to do this by attracting, retaining & growing the best people; fostering a culture of exceptional performance, open communication & employee engagement; and ensuring a safe, healthy & respectful workplace for our employees and customers.The foundation of this success lies with the ability of our employees throughout NLC to perform their individual roles with excellence and enthusiasm. Every employee at NLC plays an important role in achieving our business objectives.

Why choose NLC?
We pride our self on having a highly skilled and motivated team of employees who are strongly committed to our success and future direction. Our mission is to be a world-class retailer that is recognized as an exceptional organization, known for its passion in customer service, strong business performance, and progressive corporate culture. NLC will continue to focus on exceeding the expectations of our customers and our employees.

Compensation and Benefits - NLC offers competitive salaries and benefits to our employees. Our pay rates and salaries take into consideration the skills, qualifications, education and experience of our workers. We offer excellent benefits and pension plans to our employees including various vacation entitlements, statutory holidays, family responsibility and sick leave.

Work-Life Balance - NLC recognizes that employees have a life outside of work. While we look for individuals who exhibit high levels of energy and who dedicate themselves to working hard and achieving performance excellence, we encourage our employees to maintain an appropriate balance between work and home life.                                                                                          

People Development – NLC believes in giving employees the opportunity to contribute and progress through the organization to more progressive and challenging roles. Through continuing education, professional development and on-the-job training, NLC strives for a culture of continuous improvement and internal career development for the mutual long-term benefit of both NLC and our employees. 

Our Core  Values
Our core values have helped us define how we do business and are our guiding principles. The following values help guide our team and fulfill our commitment to our customers, employees, government and the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.  

Socially Responsible – our employees will perform their roles in a manner that promotes the responsible consumption and sale of our products.

Professional - our employees will perform their duties respectfully, with integrity, and knowledge.

Teamwork - our employees recognize the value of diversity and strong relationship, and will work collaboratively to meet business needs.

Initiative our employees are encouraged to initiate action to improve operations and service delivery to customers.

Accountability – our employees accept responsibility for fulfilling their commitments and will actively seek feedback to ensure customer expectations are understood and met.