Vision, Mission & Values

To be passionate about service in everything we do.

To be recognized as an exceptional organization, known for its passion in customer service, strong business performance, and progressive corporate culture.


 Socially Responsible
Each NLC employee and Board member will advocate intelligent consumption by seeking to inform and educate customers and clients in the responsible and safe use of NLC products, implementing practices and initiatives that promote social responsibility in all areas of business, and by practicing intelligent consumption.

Each NLC employee and Board member will develop trusting relationships with internal and external clients by demonstrating the Corporation's values, being honest and forthright, honoring commitments, and treating people with respect and dignity. NLC stores will be clean, attractive, well designed and functional. NLC staff will be knowledgeable, friendly and will engage customers thoughtfully and courteously to ensure their needs are clearly understood and serviced.

Each NLC employee and Board member recognizes the importance of diversity and teamwork and will seek input from key stakeholders, internally and externally, to optimize returns from our operations. The Corporation will ensure expectations are defined and communication is clear. NLC will recognize outstanding contributions and will look for opportunities to celebrate and develop strong
relationships among staff. 

Each NLC employee and Board member realizes and accepts that leadership is not position specific. Initiative will be encouraged, recognized and rewarded throughout the organization. Staff will be expected to use good judgment and will be empowered to make decisions. NLC employees and Board members believe initiative leads to greater success individually and organizationally.

NLC employees and Board members recognize that each individual is personally responsible for ensuring that expectations are understood and will take the appropriate actions to ensure that these expectations are met. These individuals will seek feedback to ensure that expectations are met, and where they are not, will take action to remedy the situation and prevent it from happening in the future.