Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

In keeping with legislation passed in the House of Assembly in December 2016, the Provincial Government officially released a compensation disclosure list to the public on Friday, June 30. The list is posted on the Human Resource Secretariat website.

The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires an annual listing of all employees in departments and a number of agencies, boards, commissions, health care bodies, educational bodies and Crown Corporations who receive total compensation of more than $100,000 a year. The list will include the name of the employee, official job title, name of the department or public body in which they are employed, and total compensation. The amount of total compensation listed will include a breakdown of base salary, overtime, shift premiums, retroactive pay, bonuses and other compensation, as well as severance where applicable. It does not include pay-in-lieu of notice (either lump sum payments or salary continuance) or leave payouts.

Employees were given the opportunity to apply for an exemption from the list in instances where disclosure of compensation information could reasonably be expected to threaten the safety or mental or physical health of the employee.

For more information please visit the Human Resource Secretariat webpage at .

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