Price: $16.50 
Country: Canada
Sku #: 12751
ml Size: 375
Availability: 2147
Spirit Type: Canadian Whisky
Tasting Notes:
Distilled in small batches in a small copper pot still and aged in white oak barrels hand-picked for their unique characteristics. A careful selection of light, medium and heavy char barrels create a richness and toasted earthiness in the spirit. Vintage sherry casks are chosen to round off the whiskies. This unique barrel selection process results in a whisky where aromas of honey, vanilla, dried apricot, and soaked raisins fuse with toasty oak, black walnut and spice.
Price: $17.58 
Country: Mexico
Sku #: 10751
ml Size: 375
Availability: 2775
Spirit Type: Coffee & Cream Liqueur
Tasting Notes:
Kahlúa has become the number one selling coffee liqueur in the world. Relying on two of the region’s finest ingredients—sugarcane and 100% Arabica coffee—the resulting flavor is as rich and distinct as the vibrant, multicultural region from which it comes.
Price: $3.48 
Country: Canada
Sku #: 13753
ml Size: 330
Availability: 7592
RTD Type: Coolers
Tasting Notes:
The Smirnoff light cooler has a lemonade base but finishes dry. Something that will please both beer and fruity drink lovers alike!
Price: $17.45 
Country: Argentina
Sku #: 16145
ml Size: 750
Availability: 752
Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Tasting Notes:
La Mascota Cabernet Franc is a ruby red wine with subtle violet hues, and intense, concentrated aromas evoking cassis, blackcurrants and sweet spices such as black pepper and clove. In the mouth, this perfectly structured wine displays ripe red fruit flavours with notes of eucalyptus and black pepper. An elegant, perfectly balanced wine, with a well-structured, lingering finish.
Price: $16.45 
Country: United States
Sku #: 10036
ml Size: 750
Availability: 968
Varietal: Petite Sirah Blend
Tasting Notes:
This wine is a complex blend of intensely dark varietals. Evocative notes of blueberry and chocolate, coupled with floral notes and supple tannins, are sure to bring whimsy and decadence to any occasion.
Price: $13.98 
Country: United States
Sku #: 6199
ml Size: 750
Availability: 2272
Varietal: Pinot Grigio
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