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Wiser's Triple Barrel Whisky
Price:  $34.48
Country:  Canada
Sku #:  18886
Region:  Ontario
ml Size:  750
Spirit Type:  Canadian Whisky
Alcohol:  43.40%
Vintage Year:  N/A
Tasting Note:
Colour: Rich amber. Nose: Intense rye bread spices with pleasant tones of glazed honeycomb, green apples, dried fruits and fine nuts. All complemented with smoked vanilla spices. Body: Complex yet well balanced. A smooth and silky texture. Palate: An initial sensation of roasted rye spices followed by sun dried raisins and freshly sliced green apples. It finishes with a mouth-coating praline and vanilla combination. Finish: Lingering rye spice that is pleasing and warm.
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