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Strongbow Cider Variety 8pk Cans
Price:  $31.97
Country:  England
Sku #:  17203
Region:  N/A
ml Size:  440
RTD Type:  Cider
Alcohol:  5.30%
Vintage Year:  N/A
Tasting Note:
GOLD APPLE: Shines bright at any hour. A refreshing crisp apple taste with pleasant hints of golden delicious and honey crisp apples. Best enjoyed over ice. GINGER: A bold addition to the Strongbow family. A refreshing cider with just the right hint of ginger aroma and a crisp apple finish. Best enjoyed over ice. ELDERFLOWER: One flower that’s always in bloom. A blend of light floral aromas and fresh citrus undercurrents, complementing the crisp apple flavour. ORIGINAL DRY: An original classic by any name. A perfectly balanced English apple cider that is light in body, crisp, and refreshingly dry. Best enjoyed over ice.
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