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Zinck Portrait Pinot Gris Alsace
Price:  $24.86
Country:  France
Sku #:  15863
Region:  Alsace
ml Size:  750
Varietal:  Pinot Gris
Alcohol:  14.00%
Vintage Year:  N/A
Sweetness:  2 - Dry
Tasting Note:
Pale yellow with flecks of gold. The nose is crisply explosive. The citrus profile ushers in touches of bush peach, fresh apricots and white pepper. Breathing gives it even more character, with an intense touch of lime and a delicate hint of milky character. All of the elements combine just as expected on the palate. The crispness of this vintage provides a slightly acidulous depth, the perfect rejoinder to a textured both ample and delicious, and thus all the more mouth-watering. Notes of fresh apricots connect marvellously with a world of citrus and white flowers.
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