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Iceberg Silver Rum
Price:  $43.28
Country:  Canada
Sku #:  13296
Region:  Newfoundland & Labrador
ml Size:  1140
Spirit Type:  White Rum
Alcohol:  40.00%
Vintage Year:  N/A
Tasting Note:
The makers of Iceberg Vodka have tapped in to these riches, and when the warmth of South meets the chill of 12,000 year-old Iceberg water in Iceberg Silver Rum, something exceptional happens. Qualities in both the “fire” and “ice” combine with the slightest wisp of vanilla to create the world’s purest silver rum. Aged blended rums of incomparable smoothness and flavour. The natural purity of water untouched for 12,000 years. Iceberg Silver Rum. World’s purest silver rum. So pure yet so sinfully good.
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